SH125 Over heating Issue

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SH125 Over heating Issue

Post by MarkyBDA »

Hello All,

I have a SH125 that the cylinder was changed on, and it overheats. It is not burning the coolant, but its not circulating it either. I have checked and do not see a bleed off screw, so the highest point in the cooling circuit is the radiator cap.

Any ideas on how to bleed this system other than taking the cap off and letting the bike idle and "Blipping" the throttle to get the bubbles out. (This is from the Honda Service manual for the PCX)

Many Thanks,
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Re: SH125 Over heating Issue

Post by Gil »

I recently changed the coolant on my scoot, a Honda PCX. I ran the engine, with the radiator cap off, until the thermostat opened and one could the the water flow. You will see bubbles come out and the level go down. Add more coolant as needed until it can't take any more. On my subaru I place a funnel, that fits tightly into the filler neck, so that I don't get as much coolant to overflow. At this point is when you do the blip of the throttle. Finally I turn off the engine and top up the coolant, as it will settle a bit. Also make sure to top up your reservoir tank, as the engine will suck up some coolant when it cools, if it needs it.

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