Engine Gone? Advise please.

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Engine Gone? Advise please.

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So my girlfriend has NSS 125 (2015, with 15K on the clock). The engine definitely had some problems as it was getting noisy. Mechanic said that it might need replacing and that it is not worth fixing.
Few days ago forza just died when riding and would not start again. It sounded like battery issue as the starter motor was just clicking.
I have checked all the electrics and batter, killswitches etc.. all ok. Today I have taken bits of it (including CVT drive cover and was trying to turn the engine by hand.. there was definitely resistance in some point of the turn. After taking the spark plug out.. there is still resistance (so it is not down to compression). Starter tries to turn the engine but fails.. just moves back and forth. Do you think the engine is gone?
If so... is it worth trying to rebuild it? 2nd hand engine on e-bay cost 1 - £1.5K which is stupid money. Is there an option to put PCX engine on NSS 300 engine without any modifications (as those tend to cost less).