Forza nss 125 2017 broken engine

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Forza nss 125 2017 broken engine

Post by Pedrogsxr »

Hi guys, my engine broke down, connecting rod bearing gone, OEM parts it's around 600£, crankshaft connecting rod bearing piston and has 40k miles, my question is...
Anyone knows aftermarket reliable parts? There's a lot to PCX and SH but nothing to Forza
And in worst scenario getting those parts from honda can the cilinder be rectified and 0.25 larger piston fitted? I don't know the name in English but some cilinders are in cromo-niquel material, that material can't be rectified anyone knows what material scooters cilinders are in these days?
Thank u in advance
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Re: Forza nss 125 2017 broken engine

Post by gn2 »

A 40k mile Forza 125 with a broken con-rod is scrap.
Sell it for spares on eBay or Gumtree and get a new one.
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