ADV350 hand/ knuckle guards on Forza 350

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ADV350 hand/ knuckle guards on Forza 350

Post by Tuono »

Hi, keen to keep things Honda on my 2022 Forza 350, and I was wondering if the ADV Hand/Knuckle guards will fit the Forza. It seems that the levers are the same part, but the master cylinders aren't, although there doesnt seem to be much difference between the two. Has anyone else considered this, tried, or suceeded? Total for parts comes to about £175.00 so I'm not sure I want to be the guinea pig!
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Re: ADV350 hand/ knuckle guards on Forza 350

Post by Austins »

The leavers on ADV350 is much larger than Forza 350. I have this Forza and my friend has the ADV, I compared side by side. In fact he's not happy as it requires palm way open for fingers to reach the leavers...

You should definitely check compatibility before paying so much...!
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