RCMP Motorcycle Challenge

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RCMP Motorcycle Challenge

Post by xixon »

The Motorcycle Challenge sponsored by the RCMP and ICBC (Provincial insurance company) returned this year but in a different location (Coquitlam BC).

I didn't enjoy it as much this year as there was a lot less cops riding there bikes thru the course, but all in all it was still fun

This event is to provide some training, and to get to know our local RCMP.

After I finished my first run thru the course, the cop told me I was going too slow....I was joking with the other cops that this was the first time in my life that a police officer told me I was going too slow.

At least I didn't drop my bike like this poor fellow

https://www.hondapcx.org/download/file. ... cd186d6988

The cops helps him up and brush off the dust
https://www.hondapcx.org/download/file. ... w&id=19243
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Re: RCMP Motorcycle Challenge

Post by Yorkie150 »

it looks a good training experience . We have a similar in the UK called BIKESAFE ..
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Re: RCMP Motorcycle Challenge

Post by Ayush »

How it feels when a cop told you that you were going too slow?

In India, no such training challenges are arranGBWhatsAppged by them.
I hope they do so we can take part in it too. :|
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Re: RCMP Motorcycle Challenge

Post by leyo01 »

The RCMP Motorcycle Challenge is an impressive display of skill and precision by the RCMP officers who participate. It's amazing to see how they are able to maneuver their motorcycles through the challenging obstacle course with such speed and accuracy. It's a testament to the dedication and training of these officers, and it's always a thrill to watch them in action. anonymous instagram viewer
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