Spark Trouble SH150i

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Spark Trouble SH150i

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Hi All, Stewart from the UK here. Just got a bargain SH150i 2008. Bargain because it wasn't running! The previous owner had bought a new generic coil to replace the old one which had corroded terminals due to the salt and grit used here for snow and ice. So I duly installed new coil and nothing happened. When I use an inline spark plug tester there is a spark within the tester (not a very great spark, admittedly but it is there) But the spark will not get to the plug! I changed the plug. It was previously an iridium plug CR8EIX which i replaced with a CR8EX non-iridium. I also got a new plug cap (5ohm resistance)
Swapped over the coil/lead/cap from a known working Piaggio scooter and still no spark. There is 11.97 volts at the black/white wire into the coil and a tiny voltage going into the yellow/blue wire to the coil, so I'd "assume" (yikes) that the coil is getting power. I've tried sure start in the inlet/chamber etc just in case but still no ignition and the plug is getting damp on turnover anyway, so the injector "seems" to be working. Am now left scratching my head in confusion and frustration. Any ideas from anyone most gratefully appreciated.