Wiring to the bars

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Wiring to the bars

Post by Mister Paul »

Has anyone, or do you know of anyone, who has fed power to the handlebars? I have the GPS kit from my last bike and am considering fitting it to the SH300, but I'd rather see how someone fed the cables, got panels off etc than trial and error myself.
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Re: Wiring to the bars

Post by Lafree »

Hi, on a PCX I drilled a hole in the back of the compartment and fed the wire up through the centre where the brake cables go I'm not sure if the show is the same I didn't remove any panels.
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Re: Wiring to the bars

Post by WI_Hedgehog »

This is pretty detailed, yet maybe not detailed enough. You can always hit me up for more information.

Motorcycle Phone Mount / App / Apps / Software

I did not do this to the PCX as the panels have to be pulled, but Squirrel is starting to get the idea she may want GPS, and pulling the panels has to be done to check the valves anyway. (See the shop manual on pulling the panels.)
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Re: Wiring to the bars

Post by Mel46 »

IMG_20180102_111211.jpg (158.39 KiB) Viewed 4054 times
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I just installed some additional lights on my PCX in which I ran the wires down the collar. The only panel I pulled was the one that has the gas cap door. It was an easy mod. You should be able to do the same thing on your bike.
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