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'31 TowneCar at my coffee hole....
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Author:  fish [ Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  '31 TowneCar at my coffee hole....

My scooter/BMW/TowTruck/Hand-Painted Car buddy showed up this morning at our coffee hole with this 1931 Ford TowneCar.

The story: In 1931 a local farmer went a little nuts and, instead of buying the regular '31 Ford 4-door for $450 as his wife suggested - he shot away $825 for the deluxe TowneCar version. He passed away, and in 1959 his widow sold it for $100 to a father/son pair who saw it in the barn. They paid $45 for a transmission over-haul and $75 to get the engine rebuilt. My buddy bought it from them. He isn't revealing when - or for how much. I ain't asking because sometimes he buys my coffee.

This fellow is a slightly retired master mechanic himself. Loves to fix things, loves weird things.
I fully expect to see him swing around the corner into town some dark morning - laughing like a madman & hanging out the side window of a twin engine WWII bomber, with both engines howling and smoking magnificently - patio chairs , trash can lids and cats flying into a pile behind him.

He loves to make an entrance!

Fish (the 2018 Piaggio Liberty 3V mit der i-Get engine is seen here, too.)

*He tells a thrilling story about the time he discovered that his '51 BMW bike does not stop as quickly as his red Honda Reflex. He was able to rebuild the neighbor's front porch in a single week-end.

** He forgets that he told me how the Reflex obtained all the scratches on the right side - blamed them on being accustomed to the BMW's weak brakes.





Author:  PCX150Rider [ Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '31 TowneCar at my coffee hole....

Just goes to show you there are modes of transportation and then there are vehicles that provide a real essence of the driving experience. Although it was necessary, it's too bad that a lot of the old automobiles and parts got recycled for scrap to support the WWII effort. So whatever is left out there has survived both time and tragedy. As a kid I can still remember people driving such brands as Studebaker, Packard, Henry J, Rambler, Willy's, Checker, and Nash as daily drivers. There were those '20s and '30s cars around too at the parades usually carrying the old Vets or town officials. :D

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