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 Post subject: Re: Hello
PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2016 5:39 pm 
Ozzie Old Fart
Ozzie Old Fart
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wojtek_pl wrote:
I just got the package with new YSS shock absorbers. Tomorrow I plan to install them. :)

You won't regret it, they make a world of difference. :) :)

 Post subject: Re: Hello
PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2016 10:55 am 
Regular User
Regular User

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Well... perhaps I have so thick bottom, that I do not feel much difference... Maybe a little softer.

2014 Honda PCX 125

 Post subject: Re: Hello
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:35 pm 
Powered by angry squirrels
Powered by angry squirrels
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Hopefully things are well in Poland.

I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Squirrel and I were at the Harley-Davidson Museum this weekend--it's very nice.
It was 48°F = 9°C which was a heatwave. Oddly, other than Squirrel and I driving our bikes to the museum, there was only one other biker (a woman), besides their bronze statute--if you want to count that (and you probably should). (Squirrel drives a PCX150, myself a Fury)

Today was 25°F = -4°C this morning, Squirrel took the truck to work, I took the bike. :D

Two weeks ago when we were at the Harley store at the airport they had a tricked-out Softail, on huge discount at $18,999. Of course they go into large detail about the design changes and detailing, and to me it's:
"So f#cking what. You finally made it to the twentieth century.
It's the 21st century."

I have nothing against Harley, other than they're over-priced and outdated. As nice as the Softail was, it looked unfinished in sections, fender and footpegs really stood out as uninspiring. It would take another $8,000 to make it look as nice as the Fury, and that's a lot of money all-out. I know the PCX is a scooter, but it looks "finished/complete" compared to the Softail.

Harley did finally put a 100% primary balancer in, so primary vibrations are reduced by 75% and are "just right" where you feel the machine (power pulses and secondary vibrations), but not too much. They did address the cooling issues, but I hear they're still having issues on hot days when sitting still, and that does happen anywhere there's traffic and stoplights and Summer. Air-and-oil cooling, they finally got a wet-sump instead of external oil tank. Suspension out back is Showa, over-all less costly and better than the Dyna platform. They did everything possible to cut weight, and wound up doing so impressively.

HUGE REVISION: Heavily touted as an incredible move into the future, they got a Daymaker LED headlight. Me: "You guys know bikers have been sticking those things in for years, right? The orientals even have knock-offs that are pretty good, they've been out that long. Hell, a lot of Honda Fury chopper guys have them!" (Yeah, that pissed them off.) Them: "All 2018 LED headlights have an immediately recognizable signature 'angel halo' glow." Me: "Must look out of place with a leather biker dude in the saddle, don't ya think? My Fury headlight casts a flame pattern on the ground, what do you think about that shit???" They thought I should leave.

Comparatively, the PCX has LEDs everywhere, clean lines, awesome looking headlight design, great instrument cluster (although a bit sparse), decent power for commuting, and is reliable. The PCX also doesn't need the transmission-engine seal replaced as it's a modular unit, saving tons of money. As the exhaust wears in it also has a pretty nice sound to it.

I put a SAE plug on the battery and routed a short cord out into the storage compartment. This allows for popping the seat and plugging in a battery maintainer, or even heated clothing (as long as the cord is stored back under the seat so the storage gasket doesn't take a permanent set). Mind you the PCX won't power much heated clothing, I think it puts out about 30A maximum, and a Gerbing jacket uses about 6.4A on full (without a digital controller), the gloves 1.2A each, and pants about 4.5A. With a digital controller the items are pulsed alternatively, so everything draws about 6.5A maximum. Note the Gerbing dual digital controller monitors the source voltage, and won't draw down the system "too much." (Jacket is on one channel, gloves & pants on the second channel. Really, you want two dual controllers for the price, if one fails you have another dual as a backup.)

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