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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:34 am 
Benevolent Overlord
Benevolent Overlord
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By posting on this forum, you agree to abide by the rules outlined here. They are subject to change at any time, without any warning.

This forum is designed to facilitate civil discussion among adults about scooters, specifically focusing around the Honda PCX. All members are expected to act as adults and treat each other as adults. This means no personal insults, flaming, or unnecessary criticism. You are expected to respect others and be treated respectfully at all times, regardless of your age, gender, race, preferences, choice of motorcycle, or opinions. Profanity is allowed, but pornography is not allowed because some users may browse this site from work. In order to mitigate the occurrence of insults and flaming, please follow these guidelines:
1) NO discussion about politics or religion
2) NO discussion about firearms or related incidents, legislature, etc.
3) NO discussion about ongoing elections or political candidates

If you have any doubt whether or not you should be posting a comment or image, don't, or ask someone on the Image first.

That said, I firmly believe that you as a user, should never be censored or denied the right to express your opinion. If you express your opinion in a way that is disrespectful to others, it may result in the active thread being locked, your account being suspended, or your account being banned.

You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to use this forum in any way to promote illegal activities, including piracy. If we are asked, we will comply to any government notices and forfeit any log files or saved files to prevent any legal liability on our part. The site owner (me) is not in any way responsible for the content posted by the community. Any and all posts violating these rules, or of any sort of questionable content, should be reported immediately using the Report button at the bottom-left of the noncompliant post. For reference, the report icon looks like this: Image. If the post requires more urgent action, I typically reply to private messages faster than reports. Please send me a private message if a post or thread needs fixed immediately.

You are encouraged to upload pictures and share as much knowledge as you can here, for the benefit of the community. To protect the community, reserves the right to use your posts and content in any context. There is no upload limit, and you can upload any image up to 1920x1080. Most image formats are supported, and PDF uploads are also allowed.

In order to help prevent spam, users cannot PM until they have 15 posts. Send me a private message proving you're not a spam account, and I'd be glad to unlock private messaging before then.

Most importantly, be civil and have fun. Treat everyone well, and you'll get the same friendly courtesy back. :D

 Post subject: Re: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:13 pm 
Benevolent Overlord
Benevolent Overlord

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Recently, there have been a disproportionate number threats of litigation against the forum, and a few questions on site ownership.


I made this forum to facilitate free, unbiased, and noncommercialized discussion for the PCX. As such, I believe every user has the right to have their voice heard about the PCX. But, If that voice is off-topic too frequently, or threatens the safety and sanctity of this forum, I will no longer hesitate to ban users with no warning. If you threaten to sue the forum, or threaten the forum by using it for illegal activities, you will be banned immediately. The first amendment grants you the right to free speech, but I ultimately own this site and can choose to remove content for any reason whatsoever. I think this XKCD sums it up very well:


I host this site, and I can show you the door if you cause trouble. Please don't make me do that.

Site ownership:

This is the root admin account, but I post under the username maddiedog and monitor that private message inbox. Please message me there with any issues or concerns about the site. I am a guy who has a cool dog named Maddie (click to look at my dog!) who rides a PCX and knows enough about computers to run a website. The site is not owned by some huge corporation. It's owned by me, and that's why it's run 100% ad-free. In other words... when you threaten to sue the site, you are not threatening a site or a corporation, you are personally threatening me. I'm REALLY good about deleting libel or copyright infringement, so before you threaten to lawyer up, ask nicely. You'll likely get the same result in the end, but I won't have to ban you or worry about you actually following through on your threat.

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